Our team is working with stolen or lost items from 2016. We may help you to recover any your stolen or lost item when it is seized by law enforcemet on any Europe country. We can take care of anything you missing or it was stolen from you, based on our experiance we had recovered various vehicles, agriculter and gardening technicks, sea transport and trucks...


You can apply to us when:

1. Your item was stolen and seized by law enforcement on any EU country ;
2. You left or forget your item in any EU country and want to return it back;

3. Your item was stolen but you still do not have information was it seized or not you can fulfill in our stolen items database or directly send email inquiry;

4 Your item was seized in EU country and you want to sell it on spot.


Click there if you want to register your lost item and want to recover it: DATABASE OF STOLEN


Stolen items Recovery service