Our company operating since 2016 specializing in vehicle and asset recovery, insurance investigations, providing reliable and efficient services to our clients. With a strong track record and extensive experience, we are the preferred choice for European insurance companies and legal institutions.


Who we are

Vehicle Recovery

We have successfully recovered numerous vehicles for our clients, ensuring their assets are returned safely and efficiently.

Collaboration with Insurance Companies

We have collaborated with several European insurance companies, providing them with reliable and professional services in the vehicle and assets recovery various additional investigations. We provide comprehensive support to insurance companies in handling claims, ensuring a smooth and streamlined process for both the company and the insured party.

Efficient Asset Recovery

Our team specializes in efficient asset recovery, utilizing advanced techniques and technologies to locate and retrieve assets for our clients.

Legal Institutions Partnership

Through our various partnership networks, we assist in ensuring compliance with legal procedures and regulations.

About Us

Invictus Verus team has strong background experience in law enforcements field, previously work experience let us solve client cases quicker and save they expenses. Company operating since 2016, established strong partnership with European insurance companies and legal institutions.

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